Programmatic Holidays: Week Three

To understand how brands allocated programmatic spend over the 2015 holiday season, we took a look at the biggest brand buyers from the Sunday before Thanksgiving to the end of December. This post focuses on the week of December 6th.

Week 3 of the programmatic holidays was the strongest week of the season to date. Open exchange spend remained virtually the same from Week 2 (November 29th to December 5th) to Week 3 while private exchange spend increased 10%. Some interesting shifts emerged amongst the top ten advertisers within the private and open markets:

  • Best Buy eclipsed Verizon for its strongest week of the season to date. The consumer electronics giant increased open exchange spend by 52% from Week 2 to Week 3. The increase caused Best Buy and Verizon to swap positions in the open market’s top ten spenders, as Verizon decreased spend 25% from the week before.
  • Gross top ten private marketplace spend increased 25%. Overall private marketplace spend increased 10% from Week 2 to Week 3, while the top ten private spenders increased PMP spend by 25%. The biggest PMP jumps from Week 2 to Week 3 come from Unilever, which increased private spend by a whopping 93% and from Kimberly-Clark, which allocated 39% more funds.
  • Consumer electronics reigns. It’s no denying that consumer electronics advertisers dominate spend in the holiday season. This week we see the top three spots of the open exchange top ten claimed by three big names from this sector – Best Buy, Verizon, and Microsoft. Retailers from other categories spend significantly less during the programmatic holiday season, with their smaller audiences and more niche targets.
  • CPG gains more of a presence. There was a marked surge from consumer packaged goods companies within the ‘top tens’ during the third week of the programmatic holiday season. Namely we welcomed PepsiCo into the top ten open exchange brands, Nestle joined the private top ten, and Unilever’s spend swung way up.


Week 3 open
Source: Index Exchange Q4 2015 Marketplace Data
week 3 private
Source: Index Exchange Q4 2015 Marketplace Data

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