How the Candidates Spent Before New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina

Today we’re examining spend and programmatic strategy of candidate campaigns (excluding Super PAC campaigns) in the weeks leading up to the New Hampshire primary (February 9) and the Nevada Democratic Caucus/South Carolina Republican Primary (February 20). New Hampshire Was a Republican Programmatic Battle The New Hampshire primary was held on February 9th (results here). In the week before the primary (February 3 – February 9), we noticed the following: Democrat spend was paltry in the days before New Hampshire. SandersRead more

Programmatic Pre-Iowa

 Media coverage of the upcoming presidential election in the United States continues to swell and as primary season unfolds the programmatic strategies of the candidates and political parties slowly appear. To determine how digital RTB factored into battle preparations for the Iowa primary, we examined marketplace activity and spend by candidate and party from New Year’s Day, January 1, 2016, to the day after the Iowa primary, February 2, 2016. Each Campaign Takes a Different Approach to Programmatic Online adRead more