Here Comes The Campaign Video Spend

In the early primary season, very few campaigns bought video inventory in the Index Exchange market. When you consider that each campaign spends hundreds of thousands of dollars a week on television (and sometimes millions), it seems like a missed opportunity that most have avoided buying digital video online. Creatively, the units are relatively simple to repurpose, and a targeted digital video buy on a select number of premium sites is a small price to pay if it delivers moreRead more

Rethinking Priority: A Header Tag Case Study

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) broadcasts national public radio and television throughout Canada. The company operates one main digital property,, which relies on digital advertising as a primary source of revenue and long-focused on direct deals to fill inventory on the pages. Due to the legacy of relationships with direct deal advertisers, these deals were important to CBC, and the company highly valued the relationships developed over the years. However, the corporation intuited the rising importance of programmatic, andRead more