From Billboards to Rose Petals: How Header Tag Offers Programmatic Buyers More Creative Freedom

Last Monday, the latest season of The Bachelorette premiered on ABC and 6.63 million viewers tuned in. Full disclosure, I was one of these viewers, and I foolishly didn’t realize the event was taking place until I was gripped by an impressive ad experience on the pages of a gossip and entertainment site. The ad was impressive because of the creativity of its execution and its immersive nature. The ad experience was a half-page moving image of Jojo (our newRead more

Google Display Network Expands Remarketing Reach with Index Exchange

Yesterday, Google announced a number of ad and analytics product developments to help enable advertising in a “mobile-first world”.  Among the developments, the company noted a material innovation to its programmatic marketplace: remarketers buying through the Google Display Network (GDN) will now have access to inventory from other exchanges. We’re happy to share that Index Exchange is one of the sources of inventory that GDN buyers can now remarket through. Here we’ll explain why this partnership is important, how itRead more

Video Supply Increases, Brand Dollars Follow

The Index Exchange engineering and development teams have been working extra hard for months now. From managing a stream of header tag and wrapper integrations to expanding Index’s capability to sell ad space for the gamut of digital media formats, the days have been hectic. The hard work is immediately apparent when one dives into Index Exchange marketplace data, which I did today to prepare this post. The graph below depicts impression and spend volume for video inventory from JanuaryRead more