Trump Enters The Programmatic Election

After a whirlwind week in Cannes, and three bleary-eyed connecting flights, I was in the back of a NYC cab when I saw it. Running at the bottom of the backseat screen were the words: “Trump Starts Using Online Ad Software to Target and Track Users.” After months curiously waiting for a headline on the presidential candidate’s digital advertising campaign, I found one. Imagine my excitement! My first order of business was to figure out if Trump’s campaign had boughtRead more and MasterCard Talk With Ad Tech In Cannes About The People

From fringe panels to main events, it seemed most Cannes Lions attendees saw one of two pillars critical to the continued innovation and growth of advertising: creativity or  completely understanding your audience. In comparing each event’s content and focus, the camps were divided along advertising functions: programmatic/ad tech and non-programmatic. Though we forget it sometimes, at Cannes, it became clear that to most, programmatic is still on the fringe, despite its ability to deliver high-impact creative experiences, find and reachRead more

KX in Cannes: Automating Good Ideas

As you walk down Le Croisette during Cannes Lions, it’s hard to not get completely wooed and intoxicated by the glamour and realized creativity of the advertising industry. From meticulously branded experiences to areas devoted to providing Cannes-goers with just what they need (water, a workout, sunglasses, you name it!), in Cannes, the brilliant ability of advertisers to create shines. But it’s not just the advertisers that make their presence known. The creativity of publishers and platforms make this festivalRead more

KX in Cannes: Does Good Creative Tell a Story or Know Your Story?

Before I had any idea how complicated and involved the process of getting an ad to a consumer was, advertising, to me, was the creative. It was all about what I saw, where I saw it, and how it made me feel. I got into advertising because of the TV spots that become cultural phenomena, the jingles that won’t leave your head, and the glossy pages with models of selves we aspire to become (with the help of the brand,Read more

KX in Cannes: Our Biggest Questions for the Festival

A week from today, eleven colleagues and I will be with thousands of media, advertising, and technology minds in the South of France for the annual Cannes Lions festival. In addition to meetings, dinners, and drinks, we’re excited to participate in the content portion of the festival: we’re hosting a panel with the Daily Mail on programmatic creativity (info here) and sharing ideas on the future of retail media with Triad and friends (and here). The team can’t wait. Yes,Read more

Proving Our Values: IX All Hands Recap

The Index Exchange global team gathers at least twice a year to participate in an all-hands summit. This is a somewhat new tradition, our fourth was just last week, but it’s a tradition we’re eager to carry on for a bevy of reasons. It’s a chance for us to examine and understand all angles of the business, and laugh and get to know each other better (in real life), opportunities which pay massive dividends as we return to our regularRead more

Krux Data Matters 2016: Why The Buy Side Is Embracing Header

Now that header bidding has proved itself a central theme in the current ad tech zeit geist, the marketers are getting involved. Header tag buzz began in the ad ops community and took root until digital ad sales caught on. Nearly a year later, the buy side is talking. And it’s my personal opinion that when media buying innovations travel to the brand marketers, things are about to get really exciting. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve fieldedRead more

Index Talks to Conde Nast About Header, “Moments,” and More

Last week, a cohort of Indexers traveled to New Orleans for Digiday’s Programmatic Summit. Conference fun aside, we were there to talk to Evan Adlman, Conde Nast’s (somewhat) new Head of Programmatic on stage. Adlman joined the legendary magazine publisher after decades in the ad/marketing tech space and approached the new role having heard some interesting murmurs regarding Conde’s position on ad tech and programmatic. First, he heard that Conde doesn’t do programmatic. Next, he heard that Conde inventory isRead more