Video’s Steep Climb – 1H 2016

If you’re reading this post, chances are you’ve heard the industry buzz around video, and you’ve read proclamations about how video advertising stands to grow as a dominant digital advertising revenue stream in the next few years. The data is staggering – apparently 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video, and it’s poised to make up 35% of all online ad spending this year.  As publishers seek to capitalize on audience consumption habits, protect the user experience, andRead more

Peering Into the Private Marketplace

It was April 2014, Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” blared through speakers across the world, HBO made the tough decision to renew “Game of Thrones” for seasons 5 and 6, Obama placed sanctions on Russia, and version 2.2 of the Open RTB protocol was released. This was no ordinary update to the common tech language with which programmatic buyers and sellers communicate. This update included the first reference to Deal ID, a simple little addition that enabled the creation of private marketplacesRead more

Q2 2016 in Canada: Auto, Banks, and Trading Desks Galore

Canada lays claim to many phenomena as her own: Drake, Justin Bieber, and Casale Media to name a few. The third of those gems is the progenitor of the company we represent today, Index Exchange. Casale Media was founded in Toronto in 2001 and ran until 2014, when we pivoted to Index Exchange. While today we have a global focus with clients distributed throughout the world, Canada remains a crucial and important part of our business. After the United States,Read more

Index’s Third Biggest Market Experiences Major Header Tag Boost in Q2

Q2 2016 in the United Kingdom The United Kingdom market is our third biggest market, after the United States and Canada, respectively. We officially established our EMEA base in May 2015 and opened our London office later that year in September. It’s been incredibly helpful to have a team solely focused on building the European business and bringing the marketplace to our neighbors across the pond. Each month we study trends in our three biggest markets; check out the postRead more

June 2016 Market Review: In-House’s Push and Header Tag Impression Dominance

The fact that Index Exchange is a living, breathing, ad marketplace is a huge part of why it’s so interesting to work here. Our view of the exchange between publishers and advertisers is pure – we see which advertisers rely on programmatic month over month and how the programmatic market values the inventory the publishers we represent list for sale. Many of us are regularly in the weeds, charged to evaluate the day-to-day intricacies of a digital ad marketplace, whileRead more