Consumer Electronics Dominate Beginning of Programmatic Back-to-School

If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re not heading back to school this fall. Well, maybe for a graduate degree of some sort, but that’s not real back-to-school. I’m talking about the back-to-school feeling in which notebooks and pencils have never looked so good and you fantasize about all of the opportunities that the new you will find in a fresh school year. Advertisers play to this emotion and tease adult nostalgia during this period like no other. SomeRead more

How Top Olympic Sponsors Used Programmatic During Rio 2016

I think there’s something so special about any sort of gripping, scheduled televised event that attracts scores of viewers from all different cities, neighborhoods, and homes. Superbowl? Love it. Oscars? Can’t wait to see who wins. And nothing gets more appointment television status for me than Bachelor premieres. The Olympics is like that but … the whole WORLD is watching! That and it only takes place every two years – nothing gets more special than that. The Rio 2016 gamesRead more

The Reign Continues: Header Accounts for 82% of UK Spend in July 2016

Index Exchange’s foray into the United Kingdom began last year and today, it’s our third-biggest market, in terms of spend, impression volume, and bid requests. It’s been interesting to see how the market has grown over time and what types of ad units, prices, and auction types buyers and publishers gravitate towards. Much like we’ve seen in the United States, United Kingdom publishers are selling the bulk of their inventory and accruing most of their spend through header-based integrations. AsRead more

Hillary Bests Trump In Convention Month, Reps Spend More Overall

Yesterday, we profiled election-related spending in Index Exchange by the Republican Party and Trump, confirmed presidential nominee, during the uber-important month of July. Today, we’re looking at what the Democrats were up to during the convention month. The Democratic Party’s Favorite Units This graph depicts the five units on which the Democratic Party (a combination of Pro-Hillary Super PACs, PACs, the Democratic National Committee, and Hillary herself) spent the most in July. As you can see, much like the Republicans,Read more

The Republican Programmatic Race: July 2016 Election Spend

July 2016 was a pivotal month for the Republican Party’s campaign to take back the White House. With dueling Republican and Democratic National Conventions (held from July 18 -21 and July 25 to 28, respectively), we figured we’d see some programmatic ad spend to promote these events and piggyback on the platforms and candidates celebrated at them.  Today we’re taking a look at how Republican Super PACs, PACs, party officials, and Trump used programmatic during the month of July. PartyRead more

Auctions, Ad Units, and Pricing in July 2016: The Supply Side

Yesterday we profiled the most active buyers in the Index Exchange marketplace during the month of July 2016. Today, we’re covering the sell side and the inventory these buyers gobbled up during July. Below you’ll find information on header dominance, top performing ad units, and how CPMs by auction type compare. Header Share of Total Revenue has Grown Each Month – July was No Exception Index Exchange identified header-based selling’s potential for disruption in mid-2015. It was incredible to seeRead more

Comcast Readies for Rio: July 2016 Programmatic Demand

Each month we aim to share relevant information on the Index Exchange marketplace through this blog, Knowledge Exchange. This piece focuses on demand during July – the top spending industries, demand-side platforms, and advertisers. How the Industries Compared and Which Sub-Industries Were Stars Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Automotive are typically the three industries that spend the most through Index Exchange, followed closely by Financial Services. The month of July followed this norm, as you can see above. Of theRead more