Who Stewarded the Summer Spend: Exchange Seat Types

Each and every brand that buys inventory in the Index Exchange marketplace uses a demand-side platform to do so. This tool for connecting to programmatic supply is a necessity. However, the entity a brand chooses to steward that demand-side platform hinges on a bunch of different factors. Index Exchange regularly looks at exactly who is buying programmatic inventory on a brand’s behalf – the entities range from agency to trading desk, and sometimes even a marketer herself. We call theseRead more

August 2016 Supply Side Profile: Header Video Flies Off the Shelves

Last week we examined the biggest buyers and top spending industries within the Index Exchange marketplace during August. Today is all about the sell side – the ad space those buyers secured and in what types of auctions they did so. Header Grows and Continues to Gnaw Away at Tag-Based Share Index Exchange’s programmatic market is primarily run through the header. What that means is that majority of the advertiser spend seen and impressions sold are to publishers who haveRead more

All About the August 2016 Advertisers: Monthly Demand Profile

Programmatic is more than technology – it’s the advertisers that use it to ask users for their consideration across the web. Index Exchange has a wide view into how these advertisers and publishers behave in the programmatic market. To share this view, each month we seek to “open” the exchange to for the sake of industry transparency and shared information, on this blog. Exchange Wide Spend Continues Ramp to Q4 It shouldn’t come as a surprise to most reading thisRead more

Exchange-Wide Non-Human Traffic Rate is Low – Header’s Is Even Lower

As more marketer dollars move to programmatic, vigilance for fraud is expected. A couple of years ago, as the industry started really looking into the cost of fraud, concern swelled significantly. Facts and figures emerged that were often alarming and sometimes downright scary. Those facts and figures are still around and getting scarier – White Ops and the ANA released a study asserting that the advertising industry could lose $7.2B to bots in 2016. Eek. Index Exchange has a cleanRead more