Cyber Monday: A Peek Into This Year’s Holiday Season Buying Trends

The day we (in the advertising industry) have been waiting for all year has finally come! In this highly competitive time for our industry, there are things that we – programmatic believers – can learn from, apply to future strategies and observe about the changing landscape of our growing space, as evidenced by Monday’s cyber activity around the world. Cyber Monday is a great way to see what the world’s top marketers are after and what they are willing toRead more

Sold! An Inside Look on Net vs Gross Bids

This post is dedicated to all publishers engaged in header bidding today, as an advisory. I will cut right to the chase: I am talking about NET vs GROSS bid prices submitted via the header. Where net represents the bid price offered, with sell-side margin factored in by the vendor, and gross price does not build in the cost of the vendor’s service. Simply put, net prices reflect the dollar value that goes directly to the publisher’s pocket. Gross pricesRead more

Surprises from an Election Season: A Post-Mortem

We know it’s only been a week, but we hope you’re recovered from what was one of the most surprised-filled elections in recent U.S. history. While we recognize talking politics is the ultimate party no-no, we want to share a few interesting data points that we saw across our exchange. We took a look at stats as the election came down to the wire (Sept. 8 – Nov. 7) to see how spend varied across the two political parties. TVRead more

The Inception of a Wrapper, Neutrality and a Look Ahead

By the summer of 2015, Index Exchange (along with our peers in the marketplace) was actively, albeit manually, integrating header bidding into publisher sites at great scale while realizing the advantages it could bring to the industry at large. While header bidding has since delivered on the promise of greater transparency, competition and more revenue for media companies, our publishers came to us at this time to expose a pain point: arduous implementation. After talking with several of our mediaRead more