A Diamond in the Rough – ads.txt

Written by Steve Sullivan, VP Partner Success Last week’s announcement from the IAB introducing the ads.txt initiative comes at a time when brand safety and clean supply chains are under an intense spotlight. A public record of Authorized Digital Sellers (ADS) will make it harder for bad actors to introduce tainted or stolen inventory into our ecosystem, taking advantage of publishers and buyers alike. Efforts like this should be adopted immediately, as it is our chance to clean up the digitalRead more

Improperly Implemented Header Bidding Tags Cause Page Slowdown and Decreased Revenue for Publishers

Written by Gabriel DeWitt, VP Technical Operations It seems like lately there is no such thing as a slow week in header bidding, with each week bringing new advancements, new learnings, and new controversy. These last few weeks have been no exception. Since the advent and rising popularity of header bidding wrappers, the new technology has been plagued with an undeserved reputation for increasing latency and hurting page performance. This reputation has continually perplexed those on my solutions team, as timeRead more

Insights from IX Open: Exploring Programmatic Opportunities

At IX Open, Index Exchange’s first-ever executive conference, publishers and buyers delved into the full suite of programmatic options at their disposal. From PMPs to s2s, all available choices for partners to increase yield were examined, as well as how best to leverage them. The Great Wrapper Shakeup Drew Bradstock, SVP of Product at Index Exchange, discussed in his presentation the incredible options that sellers, buyers and ad tech providers have and how they can combat unwarranted ad tech costsRead more

Insights from IX Open: The State of the Industry

Two weeks ago, we had the pleasure of hosting IX Open in Miami, our first-ever executive summit. Over two days of presentations and breakout sessions, Indexers, publishers and buyers discussed the state of ad tech and where the industry is headed. The Ad Tech Tax and Commoditization of the Ad Exchange Index CEO Andrew Casale kicked-off the event with a presentation addressing how ad exchanges can improve. Though often compared to the stock exchange, many ad exchanges lack the clarityRead more