Overheard at IAB ALM

Last week was a big week for Index Exchange as we had the opportunity to meet with many of our partners at the IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting in Hollywood, FL. We had a number of engaging discussions, did a lot of listening, and had an opportunity to share that Appnexus and IX will have mutual support for server-side header bidding solutions. With 2017 off to a fast and furious start, we wanted to take a moment to share a fewRead more

Walmart.com and MasterCard Talk With Ad Tech In Cannes About The People

From fringe panels to main events, it seemed most Cannes Lions attendees saw one of two pillars critical to the continued innovation and growth of advertising: creativity or  completely understanding your audience. In comparing each event’s content and focus, the camps were divided along advertising functions: programmatic/ad tech and non-programmatic. Though we forget it sometimes, at Cannes, it became clear that to most, programmatic is still on the fringe, despite its ability to deliver high-impact creative experiences, find and reachRead more

KX in Cannes: Automating Good Ideas

As you walk down Le Croisette during Cannes Lions, it’s hard to not get completely wooed and intoxicated by the glamour and realized creativity of the advertising industry. From meticulously branded experiences to areas devoted to providing Cannes-goers with just what they need (water, a workout, sunglasses, you name it!), in Cannes, the brilliant ability of advertisers to create shines. But it’s not just the advertisers that make their presence known. The creativity of publishers and platforms make this festivalRead more