Insights from IX Open: Exploring Programmatic Opportunities

At IX Open, Index Exchange’s first-ever executive conference, publishers and buyers delved into the full suite of programmatic options at their disposal. From PMPs to s2s, all available choices for partners to increase yield were examined, as well as how best to leverage them. The Great Wrapper Shakeup Drew Bradstock, SVP of Product at Index Exchange, discussed in his presentation the incredible options that sellers, buyers and ad tech providers have and how they can combat unwarranted ad tech costsRead more

Cyber Monday: A Peek Into This Year’s Holiday Season Buying Trends

The day we (in the advertising industry) have been waiting for all year has finally come! In this highly competitive time for our industry, there are things that we – programmatic believers – can learn from, apply to future strategies and observe about the changing landscape of our growing space, as evidenced by Monday’s cyber activity around the world. Cyber Monday is a great way to see what the world’s top marketers are after and what they are willing toRead more

Auctions, Ad Units, and Pricing in July 2016: The Supply Side

Yesterday we profiled the most active buyers in the Index Exchange marketplace during the month of July 2016. Today, we’re covering the sell side and the inventory these buyers gobbled up during July. Below you’ll find information on header dominance, top performing ad units, and how CPMs by auction type compare. Header Share of Total Revenue has Grown Each Month – July was No Exception Index Exchange identified header-based selling’s potential for disruption in mid-2015. It was incredible to seeRead more

Peering Into the Private Marketplace

It was April 2014, Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” blared through speakers across the world, HBO made the tough decision to renew “Game of Thrones” for seasons 5 and 6, Obama placed sanctions on Russia, and version 2.2 of the Open RTB protocol was released. This was no ordinary update to the common tech language with which programmatic buyers and sellers communicate. This update included the first reference to Deal ID, a simple little addition that enabled the creation of private marketplacesRead more

Q2 2016 in Canada: Auto, Banks, and Trading Desks Galore

Canada lays claim to many phenomena as her own: Drake, Justin Bieber, and Casale Media to name a few. The third of those gems is the progenitor of the company we represent today, Index Exchange. Casale Media was founded in Toronto in 2001 and ran until 2014, when we pivoted to Index Exchange. While today we have a global focus with clients distributed throughout the world, Canada remains a crucial and important part of our business. After the United States,Read more

Index’s Third Biggest Market Experiences Major Header Tag Boost in Q2

Q2 2016 in the United Kingdom The United Kingdom market is our third biggest market, after the United States and Canada, respectively. We officially established our EMEA base in May 2015 and opened our London office later that year in September. It’s been incredibly helpful to have a team solely focused on building the European business and bringing the marketplace to our neighbors across the pond. Each month we study trends in our three biggest markets; check out the postRead more

Google Display Network Expands Remarketing Reach with Index Exchange

Yesterday, Google announced a number of ad and analytics product developments to help enable advertising in a “mobile-first world”.  Among the developments, the company noted a material innovation to its programmatic marketplace: remarketers buying through the Google Display Network (GDN) will now have access to inventory from other exchanges. We’re happy to share that Index Exchange is one of the sources of inventory that GDN buyers can now remarket through. Here we’ll explain why this partnership is important, how itRead more

Video Supply Increases, Brand Dollars Follow

The Index Exchange engineering and development teams have been working extra hard for months now. From managing a stream of header tag and wrapper integrations to expanding Index’s capability to sell ad space for the gamut of digital media formats, the days have been hectic. The hard work is immediately apparent when one dives into Index Exchange marketplace data, which I did today to prepare this post. The graph below depicts impression and spend volume for video inventory from JanuaryRead more

The Ad Units That Aren’t Subject to Upward Market Pressure and Why

Publishers get advertising on their sites in a few different ways (this post on the header tag wiki outlines the three primary methods clearly). As an advertising exchange, or a digital marketplace for publishers to sell selected inventory to advertisers, Index Exchange connects publishers to the marketplace through tags on the page or through the header tag (i.e. the first line of HTML code on the architecture of a page). While the majority of advertiser spend within the Index ExchangeRead more