A Diamond in the Rough – ads.txt

Written by Steve Sullivan, VP Partner Success Last week’s announcement from the IAB introducing the ads.txt initiative comes at a time when brand safety and clean supply chains are under an intense spotlight. A public record of Authorized Digital Sellers (ADS) will make it harder for bad actors to introduce tainted or stolen inventory into our ecosystem, taking advantage of publishers and buyers alike. Efforts like this should be adopted immediately, as it is our chance to clean up the digitalRead more

Improperly Implemented Header Bidding Tags Cause Page Slowdown and Decreased Revenue for Publishers

Written by Gabriel DeWitt, VP Technical Operations It seems like lately there is no such thing as a slow week in header bidding, with each week bringing new advancements, new learnings, and new controversy. These last few weeks have been no exception. Since the advent and rising popularity of header bidding wrappers, the new technology has been plagued with an undeserved reputation for increasing latency and hurting page performance. This reputation has continually perplexed those on my solutions team, as timeRead more

Insights from IX Open: Exploring Programmatic Opportunities

At IX Open, Index Exchange’s first-ever executive conference, publishers and buyers delved into the full suite of programmatic options at their disposal. From PMPs to s2s, all available choices for partners to increase yield were examined, as well as how best to leverage them. The Great Wrapper Shakeup Drew Bradstock, SVP of Product at Index Exchange, discussed in his presentation the incredible options that sellers, buyers and ad tech providers have and how they can combat unwarranted ad tech costsRead more

Index Exchange x The Trade Desk’s “Trading Academy”

Index Exchange’s President and CEO Andrew Casale recently sat down with The Trade Desk’s CEO, Jeff Green, to discuss the benefits header bidding can bring to both buyers and publishers. The conversation was featured in The Trade Desk’s Trading Academy video series, an educational program featuring executives throughout the industry working to demystify the ins and outs of programmatic advertising. Hear Andrew’s take on the implications of header bidding, and be sure to check out the Trading Academy to learnRead more

Index Exchange Integrates Facebook Audience Network Bidder into Header Tag Wrapper

Today marks an exciting day for Index Exchange as we officially announce Facebook as the latest demand source to be integrated into the Header Tag Wrapper. Through this integration, media companies leveraging the wrapper will now be able to access demand from Facebook Audience Network. At launch, publishers taking advantage of this integration  include AMI, Business Insider, Elite Daily, Fusion Media Group (Gizmodo, The Onion, Fusion, Root), Mashable, The Washington Post, and The Weather Company, an IBM Business.  Since theRead more

Overheard at IAB ALM

Last week was a big week for Index Exchange as we had the opportunity to meet with many of our partners at the IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting in Hollywood, FL. We had a number of engaging discussions, did a lot of listening, and had an opportunity to share that Appnexus and IX will have mutual support for server-side header bidding solutions. With 2017 off to a fast and furious start, we wanted to take a moment to share a fewRead more

The Header Broke the SSP, and Could Take Second-Price Auctions Down with It

We’ve seen the return of industry chatter about the second-price auction model and its place in programmatic. Many will remember debates on the model reported in industry trades going back years. In 2012, Esco Strong from Microsoft penned the infamous piece, “Second-Guessing the Second-Price Auction Model.” I wrote a byline about the topic in 2012 discussing the limitations around the auction model and how its dynamics could improve once demand caught up to supply. So why is the second-price auctionRead more

Consumer Electronics Dominate Beginning of Programmatic Back-to-School

If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re not heading back to school this fall. Well, maybe for a graduate degree of some sort, but that’s not real back-to-school. I’m talking about the back-to-school feeling in which notebooks and pencils have never looked so good and you fantasize about all of the opportunities that the new you will find in a fresh school year. Advertisers play to this emotion and tease adult nostalgia during this period like no other. SomeRead more

KX in Cannes: Does Good Creative Tell a Story or Know Your Story?

Before I had any idea how complicated and involved the process of getting an ad to a consumer was, advertising, to me, was the creative. It was all about what I saw, where I saw it, and how it made me feel. I got into advertising because of the TV spots that become cultural phenomena, the jingles that won’t leave your head, and the glossy pages with models of selves we aspire to become (with the help of the brand,Read more

KX in Cannes: Our Biggest Questions for the Festival

A week from today, eleven colleagues and I will be with thousands of media, advertising, and technology minds in the South of France for the annual Cannes Lions festival. In addition to meetings, dinners, and drinks, we’re excited to participate in the content portion of the festival: we’re hosting a panel with the Daily Mail on programmatic creativity (info here) and sharing ideas on the future of retail media with Triad and friends (and here). The team can’t wait. Yes,Read more