August 2016 Supply Side Profile: Header Video Flies Off the Shelves

Last week we examined the biggest buyers and top spending industries within the Index Exchange marketplace during August. Today is all about the sell side – the ad space those buyers secured and in what types of auctions they did so. Header Grows and Continues to Gnaw Away at Tag-Based Share Index Exchange’s programmatic market is primarily run through the header. What that means is that majority of the advertiser spend seen and impressions sold are to publishers who haveRead more

All About the August 2016 Advertisers: Monthly Demand Profile

Programmatic is more than technology – it’s the advertisers that use it to ask users for their consideration across the web. Index Exchange has a wide view into how these advertisers and publishers behave in the programmatic market. To share this view, each month we seek to “open” the exchange to for the sake of industry transparency and shared information, on this blog. Exchange Wide Spend Continues Ramp to Q4 It shouldn’t come as a surprise to most reading thisRead more

The Reign Continues: Header Accounts for 82% of UK Spend in July 2016

Index Exchange’s foray into the United Kingdom began last year and today, it’s our third-biggest market, in terms of spend, impression volume, and bid requests. It’s been interesting to see how the market has grown over time and what types of ad units, prices, and auction types buyers and publishers gravitate towards. Much like we’ve seen in the United States, United Kingdom publishers are selling the bulk of their inventory and accruing most of their spend through header-based integrations. AsRead more

Auctions, Ad Units, and Pricing in July 2016: The Supply Side

Yesterday we profiled the most active buyers in the Index Exchange marketplace during the month of July 2016. Today, we’re covering the sell side and the inventory these buyers gobbled up during July. Below you’ll find information on header dominance, top performing ad units, and how CPMs by auction type compare. Header Share of Total Revenue has Grown Each Month – July was No Exception Index Exchange identified header-based selling’s potential for disruption in mid-2015. It was incredible to seeRead more

Comcast Readies for Rio: July 2016 Programmatic Demand

Each month we aim to share relevant information on the Index Exchange marketplace through this blog, Knowledge Exchange. This piece focuses on demand during July – the top spending industries, demand-side platforms, and advertisers. How the Industries Compared and Which Sub-Industries Were Stars Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Automotive are typically the three industries that spend the most through Index Exchange, followed closely by Financial Services. The month of July followed this norm, as you can see above. Of theRead more