Hillary Bests Trump In Convention Month, Reps Spend More Overall

Yesterday, we profiled election-related spending in Index Exchange by the Republican Party and Trump, confirmed presidential nominee, during the uber-important month of July. Today, we’re looking at what the Democrats were up to during the convention month. The Democratic Party’s Favorite Units This graph depicts the five units on which the Democratic Party (a combination of Pro-Hillary Super PACs, PACs, the Democratic National Committee, and Hillary herself) spent the most in July. As you can see, much like the Republicans,Read more

The Republican Programmatic Race: July 2016 Election Spend

July 2016 was a pivotal month for the Republican Party’s campaign to take back the White House. With dueling Republican and Democratic National Conventions (held from July 18 -21 and July 25 to 28, respectively), we figured we’d see some programmatic ad spend to promote these events and piggyback on the platforms and candidates celebrated at them.  Today we’re taking a look at how Republican Super PACs, PACs, party officials, and Trump used programmatic during the month of July. PartyRead more

Trump Enters The Programmatic Election

After a whirlwind week in Cannes, and three bleary-eyed connecting flights, I was in the back of a NYC cab when I saw it. Running at the bottom of the backseat screen were the words: “Trump Starts Using Online Ad Software to Target and Track Users.” After months curiously waiting for a headline on the presidential candidate’s digital advertising campaign, I found one. Imagine my excitement! My first order of business was to figure out if Trump’s campaign had boughtRead more

Here Comes The Campaign Video Spend

In the early primary season, very few campaigns bought video inventory in the Index Exchange market. When you consider that each campaign spends hundreds of thousands of dollars a week on television (and sometimes millions), it seems like a missed opportunity that most have avoided buying digital video online. Creatively, the units are relatively simple to repurpose, and a targeted digital video buy on a select number of premium sites is a small price to pay if it delivers moreRead more

Bernie Booms in Q1: Early Primary Season in Review

Yesterday, the research team sat down with the VP of Sales and Programmatic Strategy at a major political news network. A native Washingtonian, he grew up acutely aware of the political machine, its maneuvers, and the party drama that imbues each election cycle. He began to see programmatic interest from political bodies (i.e. candidate campaigns, PACs, and party committees) during the 2012 election and knew 2016 would yield more programmatic dollars. He shared a few tidbits that indicate the programmaticRead more

Super Tuesday Three: Rubio Went For Quality Before Bowing Out For Good

Spend is volatile, strategies are often counter intuitive, and programmatic maturity is diversified. Much like the election itself, the programmatic battle is an interesting one to watch. At this point in the race we have two clear front runners – Donald Trump on the Republican side and Hillary Clinton for the Democrats – with no clear idea of what’s to come. These two front runners are household names and have been for decades, which makes programmatic’s role in the electionRead more

It Was All About Michigan This Week

Though the media often makes it appear that conclusions are clear, the 2016 Presidential Primary War is far from over. The first primary was on February 1, in Iowa, and the last one is on June 14, in Washington D.C. That means we still have three months of this great show. A show so compelling, entertaining, and at times, terrifying, even those ubiquitous Kardashians have taken a backseat in the forum of public scrutiny. It’s the best reality television I’veRead more

Super Tuesday in Review – Hillary Spends Most

Unless you are living in a cave without electricity in a completely isolated part of the world, you probably know this past Tuesday, March 1 was Super Tuesday. If you are living in a cave shut off from the world, you’re missing out on one of the most entertaining elections most of us will likely see in our lifetimes. By contrast, perhaps you’re one of the luckiest humans on earth to avoid this madness. But, you’re in a cave andRead more

How the Candidates Spent Before New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina

Today we’re examining spend and programmatic strategy of candidate campaigns (excluding Super PAC campaigns) in the weeks leading up to the New Hampshire primary (February 9) and the Nevada Democratic Caucus/South Carolina Republican Primary (February 20). New Hampshire Was a Republican Programmatic Battle The New Hampshire primary was held on February 9th (results here). In the week before the primary (February 3 – February 9), we noticed the following: Democrat spend was paltry in the days before New Hampshire. SandersRead more

Programmatic Pre-Iowa

 Media coverage of the upcoming presidential election in the United States continues to swell and as primary season unfolds the programmatic strategies of the candidates and political parties slowly appear. To determine how digital RTB factored into battle preparations for the Iowa primary, we examined marketplace activity and spend by candidate and party from New Year’s Day, January 1, 2016, to the day after the Iowa primary, February 2, 2016. Each Campaign Takes a Different Approach to Programmatic Online adRead more