Improperly Implemented Header Bidding Tags Cause Page Slowdown and Decreased Revenue for Publishers

Written by Gabriel DeWitt, VP Technical Operations It seems like lately there is no such thing as a slow week in header bidding, with each week bringing new advancements, new learnings, and new controversy. These last few weeks have been no exception. Since the advent and rising popularity of header bidding wrappers, the new technology has been plagued with an undeserved reputation for increasing latency and hurting page performance. This reputation has continually perplexed those on my solutions team, as timeRead more

The Header Broke the SSP, and Could Take Second-Price Auctions Down with It

We’ve seen the return of industry chatter about the second-price auction model and its place in programmatic. Many will remember debates on the model reported in industry trades going back years. In 2012, Esco Strong from Microsoft penned the infamous piece, “Second-Guessing the Second-Price Auction Model.” I wrote a byline about the topic in 2012 discussing the limitations around the auction model and how its dynamics could improve once demand caught up to supply. So why is the second-price auctionRead more

The Inception of a Wrapper, Neutrality and a Look Ahead

By the summer of 2015, Index Exchange (along with our peers in the marketplace) was actively, albeit manually, integrating header bidding into publisher sites at great scale while realizing the advantages it could bring to the industry at large. While header bidding has since delivered on the promise of greater transparency, competition and more revenue for media companies, our publishers came to us at this time to expose a pain point: arduous implementation. After talking with several of our mediaRead more

August 2016 Supply Side Profile: Header Video Flies Off the Shelves

Last week we examined the biggest buyers and top spending industries within the Index Exchange marketplace during August. Today is all about the sell side – the ad space those buyers secured and in what types of auctions they did so. Header Grows and Continues to Gnaw Away at Tag-Based Share Index Exchange’s programmatic market is primarily run through the header. What that means is that majority of the advertiser spend seen and impressions sold are to publishers who haveRead more

Exchange-Wide Non-Human Traffic Rate is Low – Header’s Is Even Lower

As more marketer dollars move to programmatic, vigilance for fraud is expected. A couple of years ago, as the industry started really looking into the cost of fraud, concern swelled significantly. Facts and figures emerged that were often alarming and sometimes downright scary. Those facts and figures are still around and getting scarier – White Ops and the ANA released a study asserting that the advertising industry could lose $7.2B to bots in 2016. Eek. Index Exchange has a cleanRead more

Video’s Steep Climb – 1H 2016

If you’re reading this post, chances are you’ve heard the industry buzz around video, and you’ve read proclamations about how video advertising stands to grow as a dominant digital advertising revenue stream in the next few years. The data is staggering – apparently 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video, and it’s poised to make up 35% of all online ad spending this year.  As publishers seek to capitalize on audience consumption habits, protect the user experience, andRead more

Index Talks to Conde Nast About Header, “Moments,” and More

Last week, a cohort of Indexers traveled to New Orleans for Digiday’s Programmatic Summit. Conference fun aside, we were there to talk to Evan Adlman, Conde Nast’s (somewhat) new Head of Programmatic on stage. Adlman joined the legendary magazine publisher after decades in the ad/marketing tech space and approached the new role having heard some interesting murmurs regarding Conde’s position on ad tech and programmatic. First, he heard that Conde doesn’t do programmatic. Next, he heard that Conde inventory isRead more

Rethinking Priority: A Header Tag Case Study

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) broadcasts national public radio and television throughout Canada. The company operates one main digital property,, which relies on digital advertising as a primary source of revenue and long-focused on direct deals to fill inventory on the pages. Due to the legacy of relationships with direct deal advertisers, these deals were important to CBC, and the company highly valued the relationships developed over the years. However, the corporation intuited the rising importance of programmatic, andRead more

Header Tag-Based Selling Is More Than Just A Trend

The waterfall worked well in the early days of programmatic – it facilitated the notion of programmatic as a clearinghouse for remnant inventory. Advertisers who set up direct deals with publishers saw available inventory first (all of it, especially the really good stuff) and made the decision to buy or pass. They would usually secure the high-value placements and pass on below the page units, sending those to programmatic exchanges. Most publishers worked with a slew of exchange partners andRead more