Inside Cannes Lions 2017

After a week of captivating conversation and rosé-soaked celebrations, Index left the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity with a renewed sense of inspiration and energy for what the future holds. Alex Gardner, SVP of Partner Development, notes this year was decidedly different than those previous. While mentions of companies pulling back and weighing the worth of attending the Festival captured the attention of many, Index felt this year was an invaluable experience and opportunity to meet with folks from aRead more

Insights from IX Open: Exploring Programmatic Opportunities

At IX Open, Index Exchange’s first-ever executive conference, publishers and buyers delved into the full suite of programmatic options at their disposal. From PMPs to s2s, all available choices for partners to increase yield were examined, as well as how best to leverage them. The Great Wrapper Shakeup Drew Bradstock, SVP of Product at Index Exchange, discussed in his presentation the incredible options that sellers, buyers and ad tech providers have and how they can combat unwarranted ad tech costsRead more

Insights from IX Open: The State of the Industry

Two weeks ago, we had the pleasure of hosting IX Open in Miami, our first-ever executive summit. Over two days of presentations and breakout sessions, Indexers, publishers and buyers discussed the state of ad tech and where the industry is headed. The Ad Tech Tax and Commoditization of the Ad Exchange Index CEO Andrew Casale kicked-off the event with a presentation addressing how ad exchanges can improve. Though often compared to the stock exchange, many ad exchanges lack the clarityRead more

Index Exchange x The Trade Desk’s “Trading Academy”

Index Exchange’s President and CEO Andrew Casale recently sat down with The Trade Desk’s CEO, Jeff Green, to discuss the benefits header bidding can bring to both buyers and publishers. The conversation was featured in The Trade Desk’s Trading Academy video series, an educational program featuring executives throughout the industry working to demystify the ins and outs of programmatic advertising. Hear Andrew’s take on the implications of header bidding, and be sure to check out the Trading Academy to learnRead more

Index Exchange Integrates Facebook Audience Network Bidder into Header Tag Wrapper

Today marks an exciting day for Index Exchange as we officially announce Facebook as the latest demand source to be integrated into the Header Tag Wrapper. Through this integration, media companies leveraging the wrapper will now be able to access demand from Facebook Audience Network. At launch, publishers taking advantage of this integration  include AMI, Business Insider, Elite Daily, Fusion Media Group (Gizmodo, The Onion, Fusion, Root), Mashable, The Washington Post, and The Weather Company, an IBM Business.  Since theRead more

5 Questions to Ask When Considering Server Side Header Bidding

Server side integration has become the latest buzziest phrase in ad tech, raising a lot of questions from our partners as they consider if server side header bidding is right for them. We’ve pulled together the most commonly asked questions for a deep dive into the tradeoffs involved, how s2s works, and why now. Please click to view our full whitepaper: 5 Questions to Ask When Considering Server Side Header Bidding.Read more

Cyber Monday: A Peek Into This Year’s Holiday Season Buying Trends

The day we (in the advertising industry) have been waiting for all year has finally come! In this highly competitive time for our industry, there are things that we – programmatic believers – can learn from, apply to future strategies and observe about the changing landscape of our growing space, as evidenced by Monday’s cyber activity around the world. Cyber Monday is a great way to see what the world’s top marketers are after and what they are willing toRead more

Sold! An Inside Look on Net vs Gross Bids

This post is dedicated to all publishers engaged in header bidding today, as an advisory. I will cut right to the chase: I am talking about NET vs GROSS bid prices submitted via the header. Where net represents the bid price offered, with sell-side margin factored in by the vendor, and gross price does not build in the cost of the vendor’s service. Simply put, net prices reflect the dollar value that goes directly to the publisher’s pocket. Gross pricesRead more

Surprises from an Election Season: A Post-Mortem

We know it’s only been a week, but we hope you’re recovered from what was one of the most surprised-filled elections in recent U.S. history. While we recognize talking politics is the ultimate party no-no, we want to share a few interesting data points that we saw across our exchange. We took a look at stats as the election came down to the wire (Sept. 8 – Nov. 7) to see how spend varied across the two political parties. TVRead more

Who Stewarded the Summer Spend: Exchange Seat Types

Each and every brand that buys inventory in the Index Exchange marketplace uses a demand-side platform to do so. This tool for connecting to programmatic supply is a necessity. However, the entity a brand chooses to steward that demand-side platform hinges on a bunch of different factors. Index Exchange regularly looks at exactly who is buying programmatic inventory on a brand’s behalf – the entities range from agency to trading desk, and sometimes even a marketer herself. We call theseRead more